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In his 'bachelor' years, Lauer was briefly engaged to television newscaster Kristen Gesswein, before they split in 1996.

Al Roker spoke of the romance between the two at the wedding.'Watching them at the table.

They would be talking to somebody, and when that person would leave, the two of them were looking into each other’s eyes.

You could see they were truly, truly happy,' Roker told People.

Two weeks later she said she was coming home and needed help with plane flight and asked for 00 to help cover flight and wanted it this time to be sent to receptionist at Linus Hotel in Accra her name was Bless Defeamekpor.

She had a boyfriend in states and says friend set up profile and she's tried to change the incorrect information.

“If it weren’t for the kids, who they both love more than anything, they would have likely divorced years ago,” the insider then added, claiming that the two had a unique arrangement which saw them stay together for the sake of the children.

“Like many couples these days, they have made things work in their own way in order to provide a stable and happy home for the children,” said the insider.

Two weeks later she asked for 0 to tie her over until her bank came through and wanted it to be sent to Gabriel Amegah once again.

The latest report comes shortly after noted that Lauer’s wife briefly filed for divorce back in 2006, and allegedly claimed in the documents that she had suffered “cruel and inhumane” treatment from the news anchor.

However, Lauer and Roque never actually divorced as she withdrew the application just one month later.

Sources recently alleged that the two supposedly haven’t had a close marriage for years now, and following the recent scandal could end up officially divorcing in a few months – or even weeks – time.

While Matt and his family have been staying pretty under the radar since it was confirmed that he would no longer be appearing on “The kids are really the one good constant he has left in his life right now,” the source claimed, “and there’s no way Annette would consider pulling that away from him when he needs it most.” Matt and Annette haven’t publicly commented on the status of their relationship in the wake of Lauer’s scandal, though the outlet’s source alleged that a divorce is likely on the table for the two, just not quite yet.

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From 1997, Lauer was now in a primetime role that would go on to give him a rumored paypacket of $25million a year.

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